The Milwaukee Urban Program is an opportunity to see what God is doing in the city of Milwaukee and join in His work. We are a part of InterVarsity, an interdenominational college ministry.

During spring break we run week long urban immersion plunges for students to serve and live in Milwaukee. In the morning we study the Bible to see how it relates to justice and racial¬†reconciliation¬† In the afternoon we work with different ministry sites in Milwaukee. We have a range of ministry partners, including soup kitchens, schools, and environmental centers. In the evening we look at how our faith relates to the issues we’re seeing in the city.

We are also hoping to add a summer program in 2015. This would be a 6 week long summer immersion program for student leaders in the Lakes and Plains region. Students will be given an opportunity to experience incarnational ministry by living, going to church, and working in a neighborhood in Milwaukee. Pay attention to this site for more details in the future.