BACKGROUND CHECKS: If you are a US Citizen, please complete the background check before you come to Milwaukee by visiting The answers for the questions on the first page

  1. You are filling out a volunteer application.
  2. Your Relationship to InterVarsity is Applicant for a Urban Plunge, Dip, etc.
  3. For Location, put in Milwaukee.
  4. For Ministry, put in Urban Plunges, Dips, etc.

If you are not a United States citizen or do not complete a background check, we do have a variety of other worksites that you can attend.


  • If you are receiving a scholarship from your IV chapter, both we and your staff have to know about it before you arrive. If you arrive with a balance we are expecting you to pay it on site.
  • You can pay the remainder of your balance before you arrive by visiting the registration website
  • You can also pay the remainder of your balance on site using a check or credit card when you arrive in Milwaukee.



Registration will open at 4:00 p.m. on the Saturday of the trip. We will be meeting at our host location (which you can find on our website, Please arrive between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m. If you need to arrive later, please contact Chris ( and let him kow.


  • All the bedding you will need. Some of you will be sleeping at City on a Hill in dorm-like settings, and some of you will be sleeping on mattresses at one of our ministry partners, Adullam Outreach.
  • Toiletries, Towel and washcloth
  • Your Bible and your journal. You will also be given a quiet time guide with journaling space.
  • Smart phones and GPS – we will use these to navigate the city.
  • $5-$10 for your driver as a thank you for driving you around the city.
  • Optional – Bring board games, cards, hacky sacks, whatever you like to amuse yourself and your friends.
  • CLOTHINGWe can’t really make a super-accurate prediction for Milwaukee’s weather for your week, but with that in mind here are a few guidelines for things you should bring:
    • WORK CLOTHES. On Thursday you will receive an email with information on your worksite, include the type of clothing you will need. Unless told otherwise, you should bring a set or two of warmwork clothes, i.e. clothes that you don’t care what happens to them. You will also want to bring a sturdy pair of closed-toed work shoes.
    • DRESS CLOTHES. For Sunday’s services. Our church partners usually dress up pretty nice – for guys I generally recommend a pair of slacks and a collared shirt.


o Please leave laptops (unless you MUST work on a school assignment during this time; please use good discretion about this)  and I-pods/MP3 players at home, or at least hidden in your possessions while on MUP, if you must transport them home this way. Please severely limit time texting or playing games on Iphones, etc.

This is why I ask this:

  1. Experiencing community is an important component of MUP, and these things can take us away from key opportunities for fellowship with our flesh and blood sisters and brothers in Christ.
  2. This is an opportunity to take a “fast” from technology for a week! This can be a very spiritually healthy thing!
  3. You are on MUP for such a very short time, and I want you all to get the most out of the unique MUP experience while you are here!


There is limited internet access during MUP. However If you are a graduating senior waiting to hear about a job, or have some other pressing need for internet access, please let Chris know and we will work something out to get you on for a short time.



Wherever your car is parked during MUP, do not plan to leave anything in your car, especially valuables. Please leave any valuables that are not necessary at home as well, for security reasons.


How about asking a few Christian friends or family to praying for you everyday that you are at MUP? I bet God will do great things. Why not drop someone an email or call and give out prayer requests.

If you have any other questions, Please email or call me at 414-502-7735 

See you soon,