The transition from college can be hard. Our goal is to make it less so by giving you different tools to help, from developing spiritual disciplines to learning how to budget your time and money. We also want to give you an opportunity at the start of your professional life to discern the values and rhythms that you want to shape how you live – so whether you are a rising sophomore or a recent graduate, you can intentionally shape the direction you want to go.

As a part of the program there are four experiences:

Saturday Retreats

Our summer retreats are opportunities to do in depth studies of Bible passages and discern how you want to live your life. Our first retreat (June 17th) will deal with Origins, as we take time to both unpack the messages we got from our families about what it means to be an adult and what God’s original design for work and life was in Genesis 1 and 2. During our mid-summer Justice Dip we’ll talk about how to incorporate pursuing justice into your life after you graduate from college. At our end of summer Exit Retreat we’ll spend time studying Ecclesiastes and planning a rule for life that you can apply as you continue in school or move into post-collegiate life.

Sunday Afternoon Bible Studies

The Sunday Afternoon Bible Studies are a chance to start off your week in a community centered around God’s word. During the studies we will look at passages from different sections of the Bible and give you active responses for the week, including a spiritual discipline you can apply over the next seven days.

Thursday Evening Life Labs

On Thursdays we will take time to deal with the practical mechanics of life after college. We will debrief how your week is going, hear from a Christian who has spent more time in the professional world about their experiences, and hold workshops and panels around issues like how to find a home church, build thriving relationships, and manage your time and money.


One of the best things you can do early in your career is to find mentors that will guide you through this transition, and we want to give you an opportunity to experience that now.  We are working on lining up with mentors that you can meet with once a week and discuss what you are learning about life and work throughout your summer experiences.

Other Details

Eligibility: Any college student working in the metro Milwaukee area for the summer and/or recent (1-2 years out) college graduates.

Attendance: We strongly encourage you to attend all of the sessions over the summer, but if you can attend about 2/3 of the sessions, you should feel free to register and join us.

Dates: The program runs from June 19th to July 29th

Cost: We’re asking participants to contribute $50 towards the cost of the program. This will cover the cost of using building space, printing, and other fees.

To Join the Program, Complete the Application Below or Go to This Site.